G. Alcan, M. Ghorbani, A. Kosar, M. Unel
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Volume 51, Pages 55-67
Publication date: October, 2016


In this paper, we develop a new method to track the evolution of bubbles or droplets in jet flow. Proposed tracker fuses shape and motion features of the individually detected droplets in 2D shadow images and employs the Bhattacharyya distance to assign the closest one among candidate droplet regions. Distinct from the existing droplet tracking techniques in the literature, shapes of the target droplets were not assumed to be circles or ellipses. Instead evolving droplet contours were extracted and analyzed. Proposed tracking algorithm could achieve real time performance with 16 fps in MATLAB environment. Single, double and triple droplets were tracked with the average accuracy of 87%, 87% and 83%, respectively. Experimental results were then evaluated to explain the underlying jet phenomena.


  • A new tracking method based on structural and motion characteristics of droplets.
  • Matching of droplets is performed using Bhattacharyya distance.
  • No circular or elliptical shape assumption during tracking.
  • Successful tracking of single, double and triple droplets.
  • Real-time performance with 87% average tracking accuracy.


  • Jet flow
  • Droplet
  • Bubble
  • Segmentation
  • Tracking
  • Bhattacharyya distance


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